What is Peach Wallet?

Peach is a crypto wallet application designed for mobiles to make transactions of top cryptocurrencies including RITA coin. As a multiwallet, Peach enables you to exchange and transfer various coins, make deposits and withdrawals. A distinguishing feature of Peach wallet is the possibility to make profit by staking RITA coins. Peach Wallet application has a user-friendly interface and solid security system, which keeps your assets safe and secure.

RITA coin integrates environmental protection, education, and online labor. In the first stage, through the NFT game provided by the project, people can directly support various primary industries based on the principles of the SDGs recommended by the United Nations. This will be a groundbreaking project where people can contribute to environmental and resource conservation, learn about the seasons of various food education through the game, and convert their achievements into compensation. It will be a complex project that connects various companies, producers and consumers through blockchains (NFT, Metaverse, DIFI, etc.).